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Our solution uses emotions and neuroscience to help families embrace the joy of past memories, as well as create new ones. If you would like to join one of our beta-release family groups, sign up today.

The fusion of neuroscience and AI


BlipIQ is a neuroscience platform powered by artificial intelligence and emotion. Guided by a growing team of renowned doctors from across the world, we work relentlessly to create new ways of using memories to connect families.

clusters of knowledge
create the knowledge graph

Connecting the dots


As users add content, each memory is analyzed by our AI engine and annotated with data that relate it to some aspect of a loved one's life. Through a series of interactions and algorithmic calculations, we build a detailed graph model of these memories. This evolves into a virtual map of a family's shared memories.

Get the family connected


Everyone involved in a family event experiences and later remembers it from their own perspective. Some family members weren't there, or even born, when these occasions took place. We make it easy for all those close to you to contribute what they remember about events.

empower the family
personalized neural network

Making magic


The more that family members interact with BlipIQ, the more robust the graph of memories becomes, thereby enhancing the inference performance of the AI engine and eventually making the user experience more personalized and emotionally satisfying. The result is a magical experience for the patient, caregiver(s), and their family.

When smiles are the cure, laughter is the best medicine

Bringing families together