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Andrea Weber

Andrea certainly wasn't prepared to be in the Sandwich Generation when she was in her 30's with 2 babies at home. But, with an ailing widowed father living in town and a sister 1,700 miles away - she had no choice. She became the master juggler living life in between 2 generations plus a full-time digital marketer, wife, sister, mom, daughter, and caregiver.

It took years for Andrea to even realize there was a generation named after people in her shoes. The Sandwich Generation. These are people squeezed between being responsible for their children and their parents.

Her podcast, Club Sandwiched, was created to help others responsible for taking care of these two generations. Episodes touch on subjects like caregiving, finances, doctors, and everything in between.

When she's not podcasting, she's enjoying empty nester-hood with her husband of 34 years, leading a digital marketing team, exchanging texts with her kids all hours of the night (they're still on the payroll) and keeping up with her active in-laws.

You can discover more about Andrea at her site to discover her stories.