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Carole Brecht

Award winning author, Carole Brecht, is an artist and writer who authored "The Artistry of Caregiving: Letters To Inspire Your Caregiver Journey". She's inspired to help guide those on their journey of caring for a loved one who are feeling alone, isolated and withdrawn. Feelings that are all too common for any caregiver, whether they are caring for someone with a specific illness, special needs, a disease or simply caring for an aging elder.

Her book is unique and engaging with letters as part of every chapter that are personal and directed to her fellow caregivers, the reader. For Carole has been through her own caregiver journey with her parents. She also creates a beautiful mix of Zentangle inspired art, where words soothe and ideas and art delight. Her artistry incorporates designs that affirm and support family and friends on this journey.

Carole is known online as SanGenWoman and is deeply connected to people of the sandwich generation that are busy raising kids and taking care of family members from over 45 countries and shares her messages of giving and well-being openly. The need for support for the caregiving community is urgent. As you read her book, you will discover the joy of knowing that you are not alone and that there are many alongside you on this very journey. We are all here to emotionally support each other. Her purpose-driven life is full of passion for those that have chosen to care for a loved one. She is all about nurturing the nurturers and letting them know they are understood and not alone.

We love Carole and the way she inspires others through her art and her book.


To get a copy of her book click here The Artistry of Caregiving is truly a book of inspiration, hope, beauty and love to behold for a lifetime.