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Jean Lee

What would you do if both parents were diagnosed with Alzheimer's on the same day?

Jean Lee worked full time teaching elementary school while she was thrust into a caregiving role for her mom and dad when they were dually diagnosed.

Her memoir, 'Alzheimer's Daughter', follows two sisters - Jean living a mile from her parents, and her sister living 1,000 miles away - through a near-decade journey as they work together to move their parents out of their life-long home, and eventually to a locked memory care facility. At the end of this hand in hand decline, the sisters are honored to be together as their parents breathe their last breath. Sadness and loss contrast with tenderness and devotion as Jean uses the elderly couple's WWII love letters, found during the final cleanout, as chapter beginnings.

Jean reaches out to caregivers through speaking engagements, interviews and blogging.

After the publication of Alzheimer's Daughter, Jean connected with other authors of Alzheimer's books, to co-found Their mission is to eliminate the stigma and silence often accompanying a diagnosis while enabling caregivers and those living with memory impairment to find written resources - memoirs, novels, nonfiction, or blogs - which educate and enlighten.

In slightly over a year, the site is now managed by five administrators and has posted weekly essays from over 100 authors with direct links to their books.

To get a copy of her book click here Alzheimer's Daughter

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