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Julie Gilbert

Julie Gilbert is the author of the blog Julie's Caregivers Blog. Julie started her blog to educate and to help and encourage caregivers and families of loved ones with dementia. She wants caregivers to know they are supported even during the difficult times.

Julie has a bachelor's degree in Nursing from the Bethel University in McKenzie TN. In her career, she has owned and operated an assisted living for 8 years. There she worked with dementia patients on a daily basis. She also worked for home health where she continued her work with the elderly. She had her own caregiving experience when her husband had a cerebral hemorrhage in his early 40s. This left him permanently disabled. Julie cared for him in their home until he died 15 years later. She now helps her elderly mother stay independent. This and her other experiences gives her a great compassion for caregivers.

To visit her blog click here Julie's Caregivers Blog