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Karen Malena

Karen learned to be a caregiver at an early age. During her childhood, her mother suffered from a form of mental illness. When her mom was restored completely to the family after several years of hospitalization, Karen began to pursue her love of writing.

With a vivid imagination and the love of a close, Italian family, Karen began writing heartfelt, inspirational fiction novels, one which closely follows many of the conversations she and her mother shared through the years: "Reflections From my Mother's Kitchen: A Journey of Healing and Hope". When her mother began showing signs of Alzheimer's type dementia in the last several years, Karen once again stepped into the role of caregiver for her aging parents along with the help of a wonderful brother. It was watching the love between her parents into the golden years which inspired her fiction novels about dementia: "Love Woven in Time, and Love Finds a Way".

Karen has been active mentoring young writers, speaking at local libraries, schools, and care facilities. Recently she became a member of AlzAuthors and is a passionate advocate for the elderly. She also blogs from the heart about losing her parents and the journey of caregiving.

In spring of 2018, Karen's story entitled "The Earrings" will be featured in Guidepost's sister magazine, "Mysterious Ways".

She has written several other books, "Piggy", a fun cat story which showcases friendship and carries an anti-bullying message, and "Sound of Silence", a cautionary dystopian tale about a society forbidden to utter the spoken word. Karen also is part of an anthology about rescue cats, entitled "Rescued Two: The Healing Stories of Twelve Cats Through Their Eyes".

Karen is a member of Pittsburgh East Scribes writer's group and Ligonier Valley Writers.

Click here to see Karen's book Love Woven In Time: A Ligonier Golden Romance