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Karen Miller

Karen is founder and developer of Memory Jogging Puzzles and Matching Games that stimulate emotions, mind and memory of Alzheimer's, dementia and stroke patients.

Miller observed her vivacious mother's life change dramatically when in her early 50's, suffered a massive stroke; paralyzed her right side, with difficulty speaking and memory loss.

Her mother's frustration with everyday activities, inability to enjoy her favorite past time of putting puzzles together and playing cards left an embedded memory.

Years later these memories were awakened while watching a program about Alzheimer's disease. Karen whose background is graphic/web design and photography wanted to help in some way.

She began interviewing nursing home activity directors across the USA, no matter where they lived; their needs were the same. They needed enjoyable age-appropriate activities that could be completed in a single session and preferably had a storytelling theme. Miller was on a mission to find a solution and bring joy to those enduring health challenges similar to her beloved mother.

In 2007 Miller acquired a license to use images from The Saturday Evening Post, featuring Norman Rockwell and other artists.

Her protocol jigsaw puzzles and matching games were tested for usability and patient satisfaction in memory care centers by Alzheimer, dementia and stroke patients with limited mobility, receiving positive remarks.

The result, a unique product line of custom wooden puzzles with large pieces and matching games played at users level.

Her website offers tips for caregivers; her puzzles and games encourage participation, giving families a bridge to connect with their loved one.

"Your puzzles do indeed show some promise, due to the fact that they engage persons with their emotional and recognition memory, but then rely upon 'here and now' problem-solving skills." Mitchell Slutzky, Ph.D., Clinical Geropsychologist, NY