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Kelly Gilligan

Kelly Gilligan has had the privilege of being surrounded by inspiration from a young age. As the daughter of a geriatric nurse, she began her own unofficial career in eldercare early on -- as care partner to two generations of live-in grand and great-grandparents. Older adults have been a source of wisdom and energy since those very first interactions. Kelly's background includes a degree in English and Psychology from Fordham University, certification as a Validation Worker through the Validation Therapy Institute, and a decade of experience training home health aides, volunteers, and managers in the elder and memory care industries.

Professionally, Kelly began in the assisted living field, where she grew as a case manager, trainer and mentor to department coordinators in the fields of Resident Life and Memory Care. Kelly's role expanded as she became a member of the regional Quality Assurance Team, and was further called upon to assist coordinators with strengthening their programs at times when culture change was needed.

Kelly most recently served as Executive Director of a Residential Treatment Center and Regional Trainer for an avant-garde memory care organization at the forefront of research-based dementia care practice. She and her co-founder, Nettie Harper, shared responsibility for the implementations of training, the development of innovative programs, and the incorporation of the interactive, experiential techniques that make their courses unique. As a certified Validation Worker, Kelly shares a validation-based approach to the achievement of Everyday Inspiration.

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