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Kim Shea

Shea Companions is devoted to encouraging caregivers to provide the best possible physical and emotional care. Through her writing and videos, Kim wishes to inspire people to approach caregiving with a sense of purpose and reverence for the honor that it is to care for someone.

Shea Companions was founded by Kim Shea who was a caregiver for her best friend for 4-1/2 years while he declined from an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis. When he died, she went back to school and earned her Master's degree in Leadership of Healthcare Organizations. Before graduation she began working as an Activity Coordinator at a skilled nursing facility. These life experiences and her education taught Kim about patients' and their families' needs and desires. Raising her 4 children has taught her about balancing parenthood. All these life experiences give her a deep respect for caregiving and the dedication needed to do the job properly.

Connect to Kim and she will be happy to help you along in your caregiving journey. Discover more at