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Leslie Cottrell Simonds

Leslie Cottrell Simonds is an author, artist, speaker, End of Life Coach and founder of The Visionary Passage. She believes that she's always been much more intuitive about others than herself, and appreciates that the Universe arranged life to show her without a doubt that she was meant to empower and educate people around the subject of death. As Ram Dass says, "We're all just walking one another home."

After walking her father home, Leslie began a career shift that included writing a bestselling book on planning for all of life's contingencies called I Want You To Know and is currently finishing a second book on how to support a loved one as they approach their death journey.

Her book I want you to know is available on Amazon and international bookstores. Click the link to get your copy today.

Leslie is a great support system for those walking their own journey. Reach out to her and connect to learn more about services.