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Linda Burhan

As an expert in Caregiver Advocacy and best-selling author, Linda Burhans has facilitated over 1400 support groups, speaking engagements and workshops for caregivers. She shares lessons learned and coping tools with thousands of caregivers who attend her events, read her work or listen to her weekly radio program. Her weekly blogs and radio program “Connecting Caregivers” provide expert guidance on resources and best practices for caregivers all over the United States.

She is ever awed by the strength, resilience, and commitment of the caregivers she meets and seeks to remind them that they are not alone. Help is available and it is okay to accept that help. Caregivers that seek to take on everything on their own often decline in health. The most important thing she teaches is that caregivers need and deserve the time and space to take care of themselves.

You can get Linda's book here Connecting Caregivers and be sure to check her podcasts as well.