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Lisa B. Capp

Lisa B Capp is a blogger, an activist and a caregiving survivor after sharing an 18-year dementia journey with her mom, Vera Cappelletti.

Professionally Lisa's been a Transformation and Change Champion working with senior leaders of businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations for years. She speaks professionally as a women's leadership advocate and is published in the area of Gender Styles Awareness and Lean Leadership. Lisa's worked across five continents with thousands of leaders focused on transformation and change. Although she could help them, she had a much more difficult time on the journey of dementia that transformed and ultimately consumed her mom.

After Vera's death, Lisa wanted to give back with both her reflections and with her time through a personal commitment to others on the journey. She currently serves as a co-chair of the Alzheimer's Association in Vermont; is a member of AlzAuthors; active in and speaks to current and former caregivers in many forums.

You can find Lisa B Capp's website and blog posts at