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Priya Soni

Priya Soni is the founder and CEO of The Caregiving Effect LLC, services and social media community. She's created a space for adults who have cared for their family members due to aging, illness and/or disability. Her mission is building a movement of mentors: caregiver visionaries who are utilizing their stories as a tool to help the many who will or are walking the path of caregiving and seek to connect.

As a coach and Certified Caregiving Consultant, she aids adults in turning the unexpected role of being a caregiver into a role of a lifetime. The Caregiving Effect is a powerful and strong voice to assist people caring for their loved ones.

Priya has earned a B.S. in Theatre and Psychology from Towson University and M.A. in Disability Studies from City University of New York's School of Professional Studies. She has worked in a variety of settings including working with women who have substance abuse; women who have been affected by domestic violence and with children and adults with disabilities. One of her greatest passions is creating a community of caring hearts. Reach out to Priya Soni for she will help you travel the caregiving journey in a personal way.

Her company The Caregiving Effect LLC is geared ot help families coping with caring for an aging loved one, with advice and resources you may need.