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Rundy Purdy

When Rundy Purdy was twenty-four years old he began caring for his grandfather who was battling Alzheimer's. Together they took a three-year journey to Alzheimer's end. Rundy's book "The Sea is Wide: A Memoir of Caregiving' is the story of that journey. After the death of his grandfather, Rundy cared for his grandmother who was ailing with heart disease for an additional five years. Those eight years of intensive, personal, caregiving gave Rundy a passion for sharing his experience and educating others. His goal is to inspire and encourage people and support them as they overcome obstacles in the caregiving life.

An author and speaker who has traveled around the country, Rundy writing has been described as, "touching as 'Tuesdays With Morrie,' as tender as John Bayley's memoir of his wife, Iris Murdoch, and in many ways truer and more tough-minded than either." In addition to writing and speaking, Rundy is currently seeking to help other caregivers at

To get a copy of his book click here The Sea is Wide is truly a memoir of caregiving and inspiration.