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Susan Hamilton

Susan is the Founder and CEO of Care Better, a social platform connecting those who care for loved ones with Dementia and Alzheimer's to each other and the non–medical experts needed to help them do their best. Susan holds a BA in English from Providence College.

After not finding the support she needed when her mother was ill with Dementia, Susan created with twenty–five years of startup, corporate and nonprofit management experience, exceeding sales goals while building passionate teams, Care Better was born. Understanding how many people live in non–traditional families and further away from loved ones, as well as recognizing the miracle of technology in our hands daily, she believes no one should be alone caring for a loved one. Connecting the 16 million people who care Dementia patients to non–medical experts, is her most important and lasting mission.

Susan lives in CA with her husband and three daughters. She is an author (due 2018), reader, hiker and lover of nature. You can read about the making of the Care Better app through her blog. She lives with the soul belief in "creating the thing you wish existed", the power of intimacy and friendships and with each other, we will Care Better.

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