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Vicki Speegle

Vicki Speegle grew up the daughter of a gay pastor in Akron, Ohio, where she played second mom to two rowdy younger brothers, an experience that inspired a number of tall tales. She's worked an odd mix of jobs to support her writing and film making, including 4 years in the U.S. Navy tracking submarines and a brief bout as the world's worst waitress. She earned her BFA in Film Production from NYU. Her script 'Loved Ones' was in development at Amazon Studios and was a finalist for Best Screenplay of the Year there. Recently it was a finalist for the Sundance Screenwriters Lab. Vicki's work has also placed in the top 5 of Bluecat and 2nd round of the Austin Film Fest. She is the producer and editor of a documentary about her mother's struggle with faith in the wake of Alzheimer's, 'In The Night I Remember Your Name'. Her credits include a teen comedy for Applause Films and some really rhythmic radio scripts for jazz great Wynton Marsalis. She lives and works as a writer, filmmaker, and web producer in New Jersey.

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