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Vicki Tapia

Trained as an educator, Vicki Tapia has a proclivity for caring, spending over 30 years working with mothers and babies, teaching the art of breastfeeding. Along the way, she was a speaker at lactation conferences and co-wrote numerous lactation articles, all of which have been published and/or quoted in lactation journals and books.

In 2003, Vicki found her "caring" energies directed to the other end of life, after both parents were diagnosed with dementia. Caring for her parents proved very different than lactation counseling, so in a quest to cope with its challenges, she kept a diary documenting her family's journey.

After sharing the diary with friends and friends of friends traveling the same difficult road and listening to their comments about how much her story helped them, she pursued transforming her diary into a memoir. Somebody Stole My Iron: A Family Memoir of Dementia was published in 2014 and became a finalist for "Best Woman Writer" in the High Plains Books Awards in 2015.

Vicki has contributed to various dementia/caregiver blogs, as well as the Huff Post, been interviewed for podcasts and had numerous speaking engagements in and around her city highlighting dementia awareness. Today her mission also includes promoting connection among those touched in some way by dementia through, a website she helped build in 2016.

"Those of us traveling the dementia road share a common bond, and my goal in writing this memoir is to help make other people's journeys less lonely and painful."

To get a copy of her book click here Somebody Stole My Iron is truly a memoir about a journey with a loved one with Dementia.

Connect to Vicki to find support and encouragement.