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Helping veterans "detoxify" traumatic memories

One of the long-term effects of war can be flashbacks to the horrors of combat. These flashbacks can be unpredictable, but when they happen, can cause emotional and physical pain enough to literally incapacitate the "toughest" veterans.

BlipIQ can help veterans desensitize traumatic memories in the brain. By exposing a veteran to a series of memories in a controlled, comforting setting, BlipIQ can help change an unpleasant memory over time to lessen its painful associations.

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Helping veterans with ptsd

Over 24 million Americans suffer from PTSD 30 percent of whom are military veterans.

Coming home can be the hardest journey for a soldier


The conditions veterans face when they re-enter civilian life can be overwhelming. They often have difficulty finding employment, housing, and health care. These challenges can affect their long-term ability to stay enlisted and claim benefits they're entitled to. PTSD only compounds these challenges.

However, emerging therapies, such as BlipIQ, have the potential to positively impact the emotional state of veterans who have already sacrificed so much.

The effect of environment on PTSD


When a flashback occurs, the veteran's environment location, people they're with, etc. and state of mind affect the emotions associated with the memory. For example, if the veteran is feeling panic when experiencing a flashback, that memory is made that much more toxic the next time it resurfaces.

On the flip side, if the veteran is in a safe, controlled environment while experiencing the memory, it can make the next flashback significantly less painful.

Helping veterans cope with traumatic memories


By sourcing memories, both pleasant and unpleasant, from family members, friends, and those who served alongside a PTSD sufferer, BlipIQ creates a "Memory Lane" which guides patients through a series of memories.

By reliving memories in an environment in which the veteran feels completely secure, it's possible to view the memory from a different perspective, and even change future flashbacks from toxic to non-toxic experiences. Even more remarkable: It's possible to alter the effect of reliving a traumatic memory after only several times using BlipIQ.

BlipIQ is FREE to veterans


Many of us on the BlipIQ team have either personally dealt with the effects of PTSD, or have a family member or close friend who has. That's why we're proud to offer BlipiQ to military veterans at no charge, with no need for a prescription. It's our way of saying, in the humblest way we can, "thank you for your service."

Veterans and active duty service members can get BlipIQ for their families ? FREE

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