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  • Memories connect us

    BlipIQ, a revolutionary tool to help fight memory-loss and allow families to treasure memories.

BlipIQ is an easy-to-use app that uses artificial intelligence to learn how people connect with their memories to meet the needs of your family member suffering from memory loss.

Helping families with memory loss

Alzheimer's patients

As a natural part of the aging process, adults over 50 often begin to experience memory loss which can eventually lead to Alzheimer's disease. Start training your brain today.

For stroke and heart attack patients

Many of these patients experience varying degree of short-term memory loss after the event. BlipIQ allows the entire family to share memories and stories to remind the patient of what was lost.

Empowering caregivers

Caregivers take on a heavy burden while caring for a family member. Let BlipIQ lighten the load by giving them a new way to help the patient and track their progress.

No prescription required

Just a personal will and commitment to help your family care for the one that needs the help while getting the rest engaged.

Treasure memories with Magical Eye

Cherish the greatest moments with your family, keeping children interacting with the older members of the family no matter how far away they are. The years go by in a blip; treasure what will matter to your children in the future.


BlipIQ, a revolutionary tool is FREE for veterans and active duty military families


Helping veterans and active duty with PTSD

Families use BlipIQ to help their active-duty or veteran family members cope with the challenges of PTSD and the separation during deployment. Discover how we help their families at no charge.